Up-LightingAdd versatile LED uplighting to create a room atmosphere ranging from exciting to romantic, and you’ve got an event that’s hard to top. Uplighting paints the room in color, enabling you to create a personalized ambiance that can turn even the most modest function room into another world – from dazzling and vibrant to warm and subdued.



Custom Monograms

Custom Light MonogramsAnd we’re not done – ask about our unique, custom light monograms. These graphics painted with light can be created with typography, logos, and other graphics to spell out a custom wedding message, a company logo and slogan, just about any graphical image that can be animated and projected on walls, ceilings, and floors.



Dancing On A Cloud

Dancing On A CloudLooking for a truly romantic special effect? Then you’ll love “Dancing On A Cloud” – a show-stopping special effect that combines ground-level fog generation with computer-controlled lighting effects that will leave you feeling like you’re dancing on Cloud Nine with your special someone.



Dancing Under the Liquid Sky

Dancing with SkyFireAre you in the search for a completely different look? Then you’ll love “Dancing Under the Liquid Sky” – a truly unique special effect that combines a liquid sky of laser and dazzling beams of light!




NEW! Dancing with SkyFire

Dancing with SkyFireDo you have the vision of slow dancing in style? Then you’ll love “Dancing with SkyFire” – a contemporary special effect that combines a layer of atmospheric laser beams showcasing the vibrant colors of fire!




Dancing with SkyFireNot crazy about the color of fire? No problem! We can custom tailor the color of your choice and still project the awestruck beams of laser, giving off that impressive SkyFire feel with a punch!


Dancing with SkyFire






Custom HDTV Graphics

Are you looking for that personal touch to add to your event? These graphics are completely custom and are designed by our graphic designer to match the decor of every event.