Online Event Planner

Client Area

As a Platinum Productions client, you’ll receive password-protected access to our online event planner. Once inside the client area, you’ll be able to make all your plans for your special celebration. The tools that you have been issued are specifically targeted for the type of event you that are celebrating.

Please remember that Platinum Productions needs a draft of your documents completed at least two weeks before your event. Platinum Productions wants your special event to be absolutely perfect, but that can only be accomplished with “detailed & timely” input from you.

There is no need to email your documents. Each time you save your work, updates are automatically sent to Platinum Productions. This ensures that your event details are completely in-sync with the information Platinum Productions has, at all times.


Who said wedding planning isn’t fun? Creative planning is essential for any memorable event. Proper planning will almost always guarantee success. At Platinum Productions, we’ve created a simple and easy way for you to efficiently plan your event. Our online event planners, timelines, and music request pages are all available to you for your convenience; 24 hours a day!

Planning Forms

Planning FormsOur planning forms contain both general questions and detailed event information pertinent for your event. Topics like: DJ attire, contact persons, emcee needs, cocktail & dinner music selections, introductions, cake cutting, toasts, special dances, and special moments. Each type of event has a custom planner catered to its exact needs. Our in-depth planners will help you feel confident walking into your event knowing all the details have been arranged.

Event Timeline

Event TimelineOur event timelines are the perfect solution to ensure that your DJ is adequately prepared for all of the announcements and events throughout the event. A convenient drop-down list of common events provides guidance throughout the planning experience. Our timeline is also printable, so we’ll be sure to bring copies for all your vendors.

Online Music Requests

Online Music RequestsDo you have a list of songs you know you need to hear at your event? No need to worry; our music request system gives you access to our online music database. You can browse and select those very important songs you’d like to hear at your event. You can even create a do not play list to ensure our music selection stays within the boundaries you have set. Having a hard time picking out songs? No worries, we’ve even got a most requested songs section.

Guest Request

If desired, your guests will also be able to browse our entire music library and make requests prior to your event. No need to worry, this feature won’t interfere with your music request list and you’ll actually be able to remove any songs you don’t want to have played. We’re even able to see how many of your guests requested the same song – very cool!

Have fun planning the details of your special event. It’s easy to do, and guarantees you of a “fun-filled” and “worry-free” celebration.