School Prom DJ Services

High Energy School Prom DJ’s

School Dance DJ ServicesPlatinum Productions is your premier school prom DJ service. We specialize in unsurpassed school prom DJ entertainment. Although we believe that equipment is an important aspect of our business, we’re not going to bore you with specs. Instead, we’ll tell you that the success of your event boils down to the music we play and our interaction with the crowd. As you already know, a teenage crowd can sometimes be hard to please, so listening to their demands is important. This is why we spend months out of the year researching the hottest trends in music, fashion and entertainment; then turn around and weave all of those trends into a school prom DJ company with style!

What makes our school prom DJ’s different?

  • School DancesFree customized promotional materials to help increase prom attendance
  • Online music request system so students can make requests prior to the prom
  • Sound systems to handle virtually any audience
  • Computerized intelligent laser light show for an all-out dance club experience

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